Aviation Insurer Certificates Database

It is common practice in the aviation market for brokers and their nominated agents to issue certificates of insurance on behalf of insurers to parties who request evidence of cover in respect of aviation risks. These include authorities who require an aircraft operator to provide evidence of insurance cover sufficient to meet compulsory insurance limits.

This web page introduces a new Protocol to govern how such certificates should be issued in future and Market Reform Contract (MRC) provisions for inclusion in relevant risks placed in London. These two documents refer to a new database of LMA/IUA approved model certificate templates and are available to download via the links below.

The certificates can be found in the Aviation Insurer Certificates Database (AICD) page of this website. They are designed to be issued by brokers and their agents, and are now available for immediate use where appropriate. This database also contains model letters and notices associated with the certificates.

Also provided for information purposes to brokers and to assist a reinsured who may be required to issue evidence of insurance, is a set of "guideline certificate" templates designed to be issued by an insurance company. These certificates can be found on the Company "Guideline Certificates" Database (CGCD) page and correspond to the broker versions (see Key below) of the approved model certificates.

Market Reform Contract Provisions
(Microsoft Word Document)
AICD Protocol
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AICD Joint Letter
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Key To Document Reference Numbers

The reference number of certificates prescribed by an aviation or airport authority are suffixed "A" to denote they are agency versions.

The reference number of certificates devised by brokers to meet agency or regulatory requirements are suffixed "B" to denote they are broker versions.

Certain letters are also included. They are either required to accompany certain certificates or are included for information purposes in relation to being mentioned in particular certificates. Their reference numbers are suffixed "M" to denote they are miscellaneous documents. A m
odel notice to cancel the open-ended certificates per the database is suffixed ‘N(D)’ to denote use as respects direct risks. A model notice to cancel reinsurers' liability deriving from open-ended certificates per the database is suffixed 'N(R)' to denote use as respects reinsurance risks.

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